W E B - U T I L S


Most frequent questions about system

There are 3 types of checks we perform continously:

1. Http response check. We're checking your website response header - our system simply checks if your website is responding and it doesn't return any error code. We do it every 5 minutes. It's a simple and fast check. We don't log results if response is correct.

2. Website loading time check. We are accessing your website just like normal user does. We log how much time does it take to display your website in real browser. We visit your website every 15 minutes and response time is logged. We use this chcecks for statistics, which you can access in user panel.

3. Website content check. We get html code of your website and compare it with our local copy of your website. We make this checks every hour and we don't log if everything is ok. This checks are used to detect unauthorized changes in your website code.

So in every 24 hours we do ~288 response checks, ~96 loading time checks and ~24 content checks. That's ~ 408 checks total, but don't worry - only ~120 are like normal yser visits, so it has no impact on your server.

Yes and No. We have servers in all continents, but not in all countries. When you check ping to your website from a specific country and we don't have server there yet, you get response from the nearest country. We keep updateing our service and we add more and more locations.
No, each account is created for one website. It's because each account reserves some server resources for your website and each account starts a separate process. However we're working on possibility of switching between accounts.
You don't need to setup anything. All you need to do is to register and provide your website url, email and phone number to receive text messages.
Yes. You can disable monitoring, by setting "under maintenance" mode in monitoring options panel.

If you change your website url it's a good practise to leave redirect from your previous url to the new one. If you did so our system will detect redirect and create incident and you will be notified. Then all you need to do is to click, that you confirm, that this is your new url.

If you don't want to create redirect for some reason, you just need to login to yojr account and change url in user settings tab.

Most frequent questions about notificaations

Yes. By default we send sms messages in no time, but you can setup your timezone and prefered time in your settings panel. You can find this option in Settings -> Monitoring Settings.
Yes, you can receive messages when your incidents (website was offline, it's content has changed) are back to normal. You can find this option in Settings -> Monitoring Settings.
It's up to you, who you inform about failures. It's a good idea to set your phone number to receive sms messages and your administrator email to receive email messages. You can add more email recipients in your account settings.

Most frequent questions about text messages

You have 10 sms credits every month, each credit is one text message sent. That's usually more that you'll ever need. This number is reset every month.
Yes. You have 10 sms credits every month and you can also buy additional credits, which stays in your account as long as you won't use it.
Then you will be notified with email message only. If you're running out of sms credits (only 3 left), we notify you with email message, so you can add more credits before this happen.

Most frequent questions about incidents

Incident is an unwanted event, which happens to your website. When our system detects unwanted event, we start incident. Starting incident means that you get notified, abt what happened and we keep checking your website every minute, until event is fixed.

The most common type of incident happens when your website is offline. Another ones are related to wrong https response codes. Changes detected in your website content start another one type of incident. The last type indicates that spam (unwanted) keywords are detected in your website content.

We will give you a detailed informations of what happend and what to do. You should contact your server administrator and provide him this informations.

If you are administrator of your website and it was hacked, you should changebyour server password, upload backup to your server, wait few minutes and check if our system detects the changes. If backup was restored incident should be closed by our system and you will receive message, that everything is fine back again.

If you don't have backup of your website, you should check your code very carefully and manually remove all suspicious parts of it. On incident details in user oanel you will see exactly which part of your code has changed. This should help. If you will remove suspicious code you should receive message from our system, that everything is fine back again. And - of course - you should start making fresh backup, now you've learned your lesson :)