W E B - U T I L S


Your website is hosted in a datacenter

On a machine called a server, which is a special, durable computer, designed to work and be online 24/7. In theory it sounds good...

But sometimes it simply fails!
and reasons may be different:

Software failure

All the software installed on your server is unreliable sometimes. Server overload, memory leaks, application crashes may occur.

Hardware failure

Server is only a computer. Many of its components may stop working. Most commonly failing hardware is HDD drive, network adapter and CPU.

Network failure

Network is a set of hardware components connected with wires. If one of the critical components fails it could cause an outage.

Hacking attacks

Each website contains more than 30 vulnerabilities. There are more than 30.000 websites hacked every day. It's more common than server failures.

Most of hosting providers guarantee 99,8% uptime, but you can't verify if that's true.

Nobody will spend every minute all day long checking if his website is responding... Well we will do it for you!

And we do even more - we ping your website from different georaphic locations and log response time. Now you can check how how fast is your hosting and how fast is your website loading in different countries.

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